Terms and Conditions


To be a sponsored member, each month you will need to fill out a monthly sponsorship request. This can be done via online form or in person at the gym. If we do not receive a form, your access code will be deactivated until a new form is completed.

Auto pay

All membership dues are to be set up via auto pay using a debit or credit card. By accepting the terms and conditions, and if you enter your payment  information, you are giving ENG Barbell permission to withdraw the agrred upon amount on a monthly basis until the time that you cancel. please update us with card changes. A failed payment will result in your access code being turned off.

Cancellation of Auto pay

To cancel your membership, you will need to send a message either through this website or via email to ENGBarbellDBQ@gmail.com. We require 30 days notice of termination of payment therefore 1 additional payment will be taken from the date of cancellation request.


By checking that you agree with the terms and conditions, you are agreeing that you hold all liability towards yourself and/or your belongings while using ENG Barbell equipment, while on ENG Barbell premises and/or while at ENG Barbell events. You agree that you are relieving ENG Barbell, ENG board members, gym site property owners, gym event property owners and staff, and any other gym participants of any liability related to the well being of you person and your belongings.


ENG Barbell holds the right to terminate membership at anytime without warning or reimbursement.